Wife Beaters (self.antifeminists)

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People get emotional about things in life and sometimes people hit other people, it happens. I’m not supporting violence it should be avoided, but I’m only stating the truth. Men who hit one woman are called wife beaters for the rest of their lives. However plenty of women hit men, you don’t see anyone calling them a husband beater. I understand that men tend to be stronger, and with greater power comes greater responsibility (you have to be careful). Both genders have the same potential to lose control of their emotions, and make a bad decision. So there is no difference between the action comitted by both genders morally. Agreed?

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    Yeah I agree, it’s terrible. I don’t support violence either, but I don’t think either gender should be so severely shamed for it. Our society has lost their minds in terms of its harshness towards violence. Violence is a natural occurrence among every species on the planet(including humans). Think of the Flight vs fight response. When someone you love makes you feel a great amount of pain its natural to want to get revenge. Whether that is physical, verbal, or cheating on them they all hurt and they all accomplish the same thing. Which is to try and make someone feel how you felt. There’s a huge difference between one slap to the face and like literally beating someone. For feminists somehow those two things are one and the same which makes no sense

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      Yes exactly! You have to be sort of insane to actually beat someone, and just keep hitting them when their defenseless over and over. A lot of women, mostly feminists. Claim that if you lay a hand on a woman you’re evil, or a wife beater and it’s obviously not the same thing. But if a woman does it it was “likely deserved” or “good for her”. I’d like to say I could restrain myself in any situation. But you don’t honestly know how you’re going to react when someone you love does something to you that makes you hate them for what they did. Most times guys realize it was wrong after one hit. I was talking to this girl and she said that her brother’s wife cheated on him, and they got into a heated argument. And she tried to leave, and all he did was put his arm in the way to block her from leaving because he wanted to talk some more. She eventually left shortly after. And he got charged with assault because she said “he was constraining her”. And he had trouble finding a job and stuff like that. Which I just found ridiculous

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      Wives often use force multipliers when striking. Sharp nails, rings, vases, pans, keys, stilettos or whatever they can grab at the time. So the fact they are not as strong is not really relevant.

      Yes it is 100% equal morally - otherwise we do not have equality.

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      Men might be physically stronger, but I’ve seen women beat ass on them before. Not to mention you can take a nice or something to deal extra damage so yeah there needs to be some equality here.

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      He said tend to be stronger

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      Yeah I know. But in a lot of domestic violence cases where women are the assailants, there’s stuff like stabbing involved. It’s kinda sad for either gender.

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      I was correcting you

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      Actually, if a male has a healthy set of parents, he will be stronger than a female with the same conditions.

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      There is definitely a bias towards letting women off the hook for this (see the plethora of social experiment YouTube videos where the crowd doesn’t react until he hits back in self-defence).

      I was going to write a comment about how the majority of people I’ve met in my life don’t actually take this view, but on reflection, yep, they did. Have too many examples from when my female ex was violent towards me, and people just found it funny/didn’t have the same outrage as they would’ve if I did it to her.

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      Feliz compliaños.

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      De Nada

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      i heard women talking about other women who basically subconsciously like to get a little beat up. they instigate until they get the dopamine hit

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