Damn white men and their *shuffles cards * getting tired of being blamed for everything wrong in the world

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Am I the only one that find it funny how, through history, women never complained about White Make Privilege until recently, when the world is more or less in peace and most of the jobs they have consist on sitting behind a computer while their asses get fatter and fatter?

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Silverstein 🤔🤔🤔

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What a fucking snowflake. Imagine getting offended over some facts about our history

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It’s not our fault we’ve been so dominant, full of winners with genius upon genius man for centuries.

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Well it’s not so hard to be the best when you keep everybody else down.

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Both true. Though im feeling whites keeping others down isnt fully responsible for this and even if it didnt happen itd still be this way. Like africa shouldve caught up by now

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You probably seem reasonable to yourself, but you’re a incredibly historically illiterate.

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Im aware africa was colonized over and over. Even so i think theyre further behind then they could be. I mean is it a coincidence everyone was able to control a section of the continent? After all, the first “modern” humans, supposedly, came from africa.. so they have a head start lol. The answer has to be one way or the other, whether circumstantial or genetic, its not going to be a perfectly equal split

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I can tell you know absolutely nothing about African history or politics so don’t pretend like you do. Saying they are not as advanced as they could be is something someone who is uneducated on the subject would say. The reason everybody got a piece of Africa was because Europe industrialized before Africa. I’m curious, what do you think the reason is?

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.. idk much, but i dont need to. Humans were in africa first; a headstart if anything. Why is it that europe industrialized first? Youre proving my point.. But i can tell youre a huge nerd and anyone who cant repeat word for word the history book on your bedside table knows nothing. Now that youve turned me against you, i might as well just disagree with your original statement and ask, why do you think whites “put everyone else down” ? You dont think the other race/s would do the same if they could? You prove my point by admitting whites were strong/smart enough to do this even though every other race tried to do the same. So stop with your nerd babble because now youre putting me down but still havent responded with your thoughts as to why whites are “ahead”

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Saying they had a head start is exactly what I mean when I say you know absolutely nothing about this stuff. There no such thing as a tech tree in real life, where the longer you play the further you get down it. It’s determined by environment. Who gives a shit if you had a head start of thousands of years, when you got jungles and deserts where you can’t build anything.

I may be wrong, but are you saying that white people kept minorities down because if they didn’t the minorities would oppress the whites?

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If youre in a jungle or desert.. fucking move.. apparently some were smart enough to do this and got ahead, big fuckin surprise there!

Not necessarily saying that, even if i was 1. it is entirely possible 2. And you cant say for sure they wouldnt have anyways