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5 percent at 40

March 27, 2014
That's the statistical probability that every young woman should be told at 18:
What Jill doesn’t understand is that her fertility is not subject to whim or wishful thinking. Her chances of getting pregnant decline rapidly after 30. By age 40, less than 5 out of every 100 women will be successful at conception. When the Jills of this world decide they want children at 36 or 38 or 42, they enter a long, often fruitless quest for safe pregnancy and childbirth.
Are you in the top five percent of anything now? Then why do you think you will be then... and that's your chances of having just one child. Marry younger. Start sooner. You can always continue your career later.

As for men, make it a mantra. Five percent at forty. If a woman says she wants to have children "someday" , that should be the immediate response. Five percent at forty.

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