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A call for Church repentance

June 17, 2013
Dalrock issues an important call for Christian pastors to repent for elevating the wisdom of the world above God's Word:
Pastors across the western world have quietly done the thankless work of promoting feminism week in and week out, without so much as a pat on the back from feminists.  Yet without the continued support of these unsung pastors feminism would be in extreme jeopardy.  Modern pastors have given today’s feminist woman the moral blessing of Christianity.  Each year pastors take great pains to not only deny the feminist rebellion taking place in their very own congregation, but to heap effusive praise on the women of the congregation on Mother’s Day.  Father’s Day on the other hand is mostly considered a special invitation to cut husbands off at the knees.

Not all pastors have supported feminism out of outright hostility to the Bible.  Many, perhaps most, have chosen to remain silent on the feminist rebellion while blaming men because it was safe.  As I mentioned above, the current rebellion by women is unprecedented historically.  Pastors everywhere know that to seriously preach a biblical view of marriage would put their career in immediate jeopardy.  There is after all a full fledged rebellion going on.  Fighting such a rebellion is dangerous, so concessions must be made in order to be permitted to teach the rest of the Bible.  But this just reinforces how craven the modern pastor has become.  They deny the outrageous rebellion front and center out of fear of becoming a casualty of that rebellion.

Whatever the reason a pastor has chosen feminism over the Bible, repentance is what is required.  While repentance is humbling and painful, it is the necessary first step to healing and redemption.  This is true whether the pastor chose feminism over the Bible out of hostility or shame regarding God’s design for the family, or out of simple fear of losing wealth and prestige.  Since the problem is nearly universal, what we need is a day of repentance.
This repentance isn't merely necessary for the sake of the individual pastor, but for the health of the Church institutions themselves.  Excess worldly influence contra the Bible has always been the main route for institutional decline.  And as one of the pillars of Western Civilization, curing the Church of its feminist disease should be a primary goal of Christians and non-Christians alike.

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