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A mystery worthy of Agatha Christie

January 31, 2016
Who, oh who, could possibly have killed the American au pair in Vienna?
The family of 'murdered' nanny Lauren Mann have said they are outraged by the theory that her death was the result of 'a kinky sex game' gone wrong. The theory, which was put forward by Austrian police, was slammed in a statement released by Lauren's sister Ashleigh Doutis, 30, yesterday in which she described it as 'sensationalized'.

The 25-year-old was discovered by police in her apartment in Vienna on Tuesday, half-naked and lying face down on a mattress in a 'considerable amount of blood'.

An autopsy found she had been suffocated but toxicology tests are now being carried out as well to help determine whether she was murdered.... Lauren is thought to have been killed at some point over the weekend and was discovered in her Wieden apartment with a sweater over her head.
Then, after no less than 38 paragraphs, this little tidbit of information is slipped into the story.
Along with the sex game gone wrong theory, police are hunting a Gambian illegal migrant who was believed to be sharing her studio apartment at the time of her death. His right to stay in Austria had expired.
Yes, it's a complete mystery. Where is Hercule Poirot when we need him?

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