In the event you did not understand what I mean by the concept of "Gamma rage", this should suffice to explain it. Gammas, and men with strong strains of Gamma, know they are low-status, so they tend to react with disproportionate anger whenever they feel they are disrespected. They mimic Alphas in this way, but their reaction is so over-the-top and embarrassing that they inevitably feel humiliated once they calm down. And unlike Alphas, they never get over it. A Gamma will wait years to try to take a verbal shot at someone he feels has humiliated him, whether the person knows it or not.

This all started with a typical Gamma being a Gamma. I'm not even entirely sure what he was whining about, probably being blocked on Periscope or something, but I know I told him to stop being a little bitch about it. I don't have time for Gammas on Twitter, so I blocked him as soon as he started being a little bitch about having been called a little bitch.

That's when the emails started:

  1. You fucking pussy. You call me a bitch on Twitter, I respond in kind, and you fucking block me? Who’s the “little bitch” now? Don’t you ever fucking dare talk to me the way you talk to some SJW prick again. I never treated you with anything but respect, fucking told you you were one of the reasons I joined Twitter, did nothing but have your fucking back even if it could have gotten me kicked off Twitter, and you turn around and call me a bitch? Motherfucker you owe me an apology and I better fucking get it too. Be a fucking man and apologize for calling me a bitch, otherwise we can handle it another way, but that insult is not standing. You will either apologize to me and unblock me, or believe me, one day I will ask you to call me a bitch to my face. Its one or the other, YOU PICK, but we’re fucking dealing with this one way or the other. There’s no fucking way you are calling me a bitch and thats the end of it.
I responded: You are a little bitch. Read this email again tomorrow and ask yourself what you would think if someone sent it to you? You didn't treat me with respect. But what is worse, you didn't treat yourself with respect. You're either a Gamma or a former Gamma because this is a classic example of low-status rage over perceived disrespect. Now, calm the fuck down before you further embarrass yourself. This probably isn't the first time you've done this, so I expect you know the drill. You will never, ever, get an apology from me, but you might be able to avoid public humiliation if you simply settle down.

That was only communication to him. Those who are familiar with Gammas can probably guess what happened next: the stream of ranting emails.
  1. Its so brave of you to call me a bitch from Italy, you fucking mutt. I’ll tell you what, you have my email address, you tell me the next time you are making an appearance in NYC and I promise I will be there to give you an opportunity to say that to my face, and then we’ll see which one of us is humiliated you little silver spoon brat. Unlike you, I didn’t have a rich daddy, everything I have I earned, and there’s is NO DOUBT in my mind that I would fucking annihilate you if you called me a bitch to my face, and frankly I know there is no doubt in your mind either. But if there is, just let me know the next time you are visiting NYC and I’ll give you a chance to prove it.
  2. Incidentally I don’t even know what a Gamma is. Speak English too me, you fucking jerk off, or don’t speak at all. And if its an insult, which I’m sure it is, my response is, FUCK YOU and I repeat, I fucking dare you to say that to my face. Just let me know when you are visiting NYC, you have my email address. No arguments are necessary. I’ll introduce myself, tell you to say it to my face, and we’ll find out what kind of fucking man you are? Case closed. 
  3. BTW what are you going to do to publicly humiliate me, attack me while I’m blocked and I don’t have a chance to fight back? Wow, that is so fucking brave! If you want to attack me, if you are itching for an internet fight, GREAT, but at least have the balls to make it a FAIR FIGHT and give me a chance to hit back. Unblock me and lets roll  I will fuck you up intellectually the same as I would physically, and you know it. 
  4. Here’s what I just posted on twitter, and I’m just getting started, I’m gonna pull your covers and destroy you, you fucking mutt. You fucked with the wrong guy ;-) you want a war with me, YOU GOT IT, now I will do everything in my power to expose you as the pussy that you are. I gave you one fucking chance to apologize, now FUCK YOU. "Vox Day is a fucking punk, a silver spoon brat who inherited daddies wealth, challenge this fake tough guy and watch how fast he blocks you. I could show you my full correspondence with this mutt via email, and I will if I have too, but the bottom line is, he would rather block me than debate me. Know why? Because he's a fucking coward. Go ahead, challenge that silver spoon brat who inherited daddies wealth and you'll see what I mean." you’re move, motherfucker, do you have the balls to unblock me and debate me? Oh wait, I know, you are above debating me because you’re so fucking special and the rest of us are beneath your station. But of course thats just a convenient cover for a coward, to feign superiority. Fact is, you’re a coward who hides behind the veil of superiority.
  5. Still afraid to unblock me and debate me? LOL You fucking mutt, I can’t even shame you into unblocking me. I thought you were supposed to be tough, what are you so afraid of? What can I do to you on Twitter, I can’t knock your fucking teeth out. LOL
If you imagine how this kind of guy reacts to being rejected by a girl, or worse, being dumped by one, you can probably understand why women instinctively react to Gammas as if they were carriers of plutonium-enhanced Black Plague.