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A right to her own facts

June 4, 2013
Demolished, for varying degrees of demolished... and methodical. I know some people like Fox's Megyn Kelly, but I've always considered her to be overrated and little more than a high-functioning feminist.  She's the classic example of the credentialed midwit who has been told too many times that she's brilliant, as evidenced by her supposed "demolition" of Erick Erickson and Lou Dobbs concerning the bad news about female breadwinners:
Megyn Kelly methodically tore fellow Fox News pundits Erick Erickson and Lou Dobbs to shreds on Friday for their instantly infamous comments about women in the workplace.

Both men had a near meltdown about a study which showed that more women than ever were the sole or primary breadwinners in their households. They agreed that it signalled a terrible new trend for civilization itself. Erickson even brought the animal kingdom up, saying, "When you look at biology, look at the natural world, the roles of a male and a female in society, and other animals, the male typically is the dominant role."

When critics, including Fox News' own Greta Van Susteren, pounced, Erickson doubled down on his radio show and in a blog post on Red State.

Kelly was loaded for bear when Dobbs and Erickson joined her on her Friday show, and she let both men have it.....

"What makes you dominant and me submissive and who died and made you scientist-in-chief?" was her first question to Erickson. Try as he might, he failed to convince her.

When he said that many in the Pew study agreed with his discomfort about the role of women, she shot back, "Just because you have people who agree with you doesn't mean it's not offensive." Eventually, she let loose with a harsh monologue:

 "I didn't like what you wrote one bit. To me you sound like somebody who's judging and then wants to come out and say 'I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, and now let me judge judge judge, and by the way it's science it's science it's science it's fact fact fact fact. Well, I have a whole list of studies saying your science is wrong and your facts are wrong.'"
Kelly did what women usually do when forced to confront a reality they find distasteful: claim that she has a right to her own facts and her own reality. Kelly didn't have "a whole list of studies" to defend her position, she simply lied in the knowledge that no one was going to be permitted to call her on her false claim.  The idea that society cannot survive too many female breadwinners may be offensive, but neither societies nor individuals that find reality offensive tend to survive very long.

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