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A twisted case for marriage

September 6, 2013
It's only a matter of time before "lookism" is enshrined into federal law as a violation of the principle of anti-discrimination.
The article, by Ruth Graham in the Boston Globe “Ideas” section, takes more or less for granted that private parties’ liberties of free association and contract must be curtailed in order to right the “galloping injustice of ‘lookism’”:
Tentatively, experts are beginning to float possible solutions. Some have proposed legal remedies including designating unattractive people as a protected class, creating affirmative action programs for the homely, or compensating disfigured but otherwise healthy people in personal-injury courts. Others have suggested using technology to help fight the bias, through methods like blind interviews that take attraction out of job selection.
Let's get a little bit imaginative here. Given:
  1. The right to free association is observably extinct
  2. Lookism will soon be deemed an illegal bias as per racism and sexism
  3. The federal position concerning the societal interest in forced male financial support for women
  4. The Supreme Court-declared right of the government to tax non-participation in a desired activity.
How long can it be before men are assigned marriages to women or face a no-marriage tax? If you have no right to freely associate, or not associate, with whomever you choose, then clearly you cannot have a right to freely marry, or not marry, whomever you choose either.

So, if you are so fortunate as to find a reasonable marital candidate, you may wish to consider putting a ring on her before the federal government decides to put a ring on some random Jezebel war-pig on your behalf.

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