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Alpha Mail: a dialogue

December 4, 2015
In which we are informed that the San Bernardino shooter pledged allegiance to the Caliph of the Islamic State. Someone who knows a lot more about Islamic culture and Arab women than I do wrote this.
I'm beginning to think her husband is up for the Gamma Fuck of the Year Award. She was probably hen pecking him the entire time they loading up.

Tashfeen: Did you bring the Pipebombs?

Sayeed: Yes Dear.

Tashfeen:  Remember to Tap, Rack, Bang if the gun misfires. This ammo YOU BOUGHT is pretty old.

Sayeed: Of course my love.

Tashfeen:  Why is this ammo so old?  Why can't we have new ammo?  Why can't you get a better job so we can have proper, Deen ammo? Is this ammo Deen?  It had better be Deen?

Sayeed: Naturally my flower.

Tashfeen: Did you remember to post your oath of Baya'a to our Caliph.  You can't enter paradise and meet the rest of your SEVENTY TWO new wives if you haven't sworn the Baya'a to the Caliph.

Sayeed: Naturally my passion.  (*Secretly and excitedly to himself.  I did no such thing.  I'm going to Hell. Finally I'll be free.*)
There is no escape for the Gamma. Not even into radical terrorism.

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