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Alpha Mail: chick lit

January 6, 2014
A reader has an epiphany:
I realized another truism in chick lit which is that if the female protagonist is described as a bit homely then she will get to sleep with handsome men, the rest will be attracted to her, and even the other women will be a little sensual around her. It's the female equivalent to the wise cracking snarky gamma using his wit to get laid.

I understand why it sells as it lets them live in a fantasy world for a while, but the danger is when they start to believe the fantasy in reality.
Say what you will about the guys who read comics, but even if they like to dress up like superheroes, at least they don't genuinely believe they can fly or shoot webs out of their fingers.

We shall gently pass by the obvious question of how this particular reader has such in-depth knowledge of this particular literature.

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