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Alpha Mail: divorce rape

November 28, 2016
A reader wants to start a #GamerGate-style movement against the divorce courts:
I want to start a gamergate style movement against divorce rape.

I just got divorce raped. In the end I'll pay to my ex around 50-60% of my net payh. I went from joint possession (50-50, equal possession) of my kids throughout the divorce, about two years. I now have four days a month. I must maintain a life insurance policy with my ex as beneficiary. I must pay in cash for medical support. The bitch can remarry, have another man raise my boys, and make me pay for it. And the state will beat me and put me in a cage, if I don't surrender.

I now have negative net worth, my ex has all the property and a net worth in the millions. She is a [professional] and earns [a lot more than most of us].

I'd have contributed much more to alt-tech if this hadn't been going on. Sorry, but this sucked the life out of me.

Following my own interests, I'm going to take the war to cuckservatives and feminazis who passed these damn laws that invert male headship of the family. We're going to change those laws. We're going to remove anti-male judges from the bench. We're going to work on getting Trump on-board with pro-father initiatives.
It really happens. It can happen to any man. And retreating from society and civilization and women is really not a viable option.

Perhaps we should stop pedestalizing and demonizing women, and instead focus on doing what men do, which is fixing the structural problem.

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