From a reader:
Spotting Gammas in the Internet wilds is relatively easy. Whenever there is a debate, they always hedge their arguments in a sort of supposed plausible deniability. Rather than directly addressing a point, and crafting a counterpoint, they deliver some kind of sarcastic reply that, if they are challenged on, they will claim wasn't aimed at the original post. The format is like this:

OP: The sky is blue.
Gamma: You know, so many stupid people think the sky is blue.

If challenged on the attack, the Gamma will try to escape with "oh, I wasn't talking about YOU," even when it is clear that he was. He'll then spin himself as the victim when the OP replies with a counterattack. He seems blissfully unaware that this sort of passive-aggressive behavior generates a raging desire to throttle the crap out of the Gamma. He must also be unaware that anyone with intelligence sees right through him. The Gamma thinks this kind of thing is supremely clever, when in reality it demonstrates in full public view just how much of a Dunning-Kruger idiot he really is.
Yes, if there is one thing, just ONE thing that I could convince every Gamma of, I would choose to convince them that they are not fooling anyone. For some reason, they seem to believe that their transparent little tactics are opaque to everyone else, and that no one realizes what they're doing.

I think this may be part of why women hate Gammas so much. Gammas often use female tactics, but when they do, they tend to use them ineptly. So, women tend to feel contempt for them in addition to feeling that the Gamma is invading their turf and playing the game wrong.

I think it must be difficult to live life as a Gamma, though, in that they're direct-conflict-avoidant and yet are constantly trying to pick fights. All I know is that once I recognize a man as a Gamma, I don't argue with him or even discuss substantive things with him anymore. I have no interest in their constant quibbling, dramatic posturing, and silly theatrics. You can't always punch them in the face, but it is very easy to cut them out of your social circle, because no one else really wants them around either. After that, it's easy to ignore them.