A reader wants to know if this is how it is done:
I would appreciate your score on this.  I'm yet to see it through to fruition but it seems promising.  I would appreciate criticisms.  Bear in mind that I would deliberately go out for a cigarette and leave about 7 minutes between most posts.
It was a joy to meet you tonight.  You are a fascinating and beautiful woman.  Hope to see you again some time. With a great sense of humour, I should add...

Hi X, thanks so much for your compliments. I'm really glad I got to meet you.

You're leaving soon? That's a shame.  I'm not interested in breaking up marriages but I would have enjoyed flirting with you. Flirting with an unavailable 9 is good practice.

 yes A 9 only??ð³ð ok I guess that's pretty good.

It's the game.  You twig their insecurity by calling them less than a 10, while also observing their desire to be seen as perfect.  Had I not brought you in on the strategy, I would be more attractive to you now than I was 24 hours ago, simply because you now want to be seen as a 10 in my eyes.
It's all psychology...

The sexy lesbian look does suit you, but overall the long blonde hair in your photos does you the best justice.  Although I cannot fault the figure.

Yes indeed on the psych stuff. Interesting what you think about the blonde. There were only one or two people in my world that shared your opinion. I just had to find out if blondes have more fun.

The hair colour isn't the issue, so much as the length.  There's a rule of thumb among unattached men that short haired women are damaged.  Girls that have been in bad breakups and are angry at the male gender in general, often cut off all their hair.  Women know that men prefer generally, long hair, so cutting it off is an act of hostility, masked as self empowerment.  It's a red flag.  Mind you in your case, the short hair drew attention your other assets, which were ample.

I would not have guessed you are a mother, twice over.

Yes. It was a very tough decision to go short. In my case it was not related to any of what you had mentioned but I can most certainly see how it may have been reasons for others who have gone short. 

Thank you for the compliment!
No, that is not how it is done. I'd give it a score of three, and that only because the "9" comment provoked a reaction, but "7" would have been better. First, way too flowery and complimentary. Second, way, way, WAY too wordy. This guy is turning Roissy's 1-3 ratio on its head and multiplying it by two.

The shaking-my-head aspect is that he thinks he's doing great because she's thanking him for the compliments, not realizing that he's being openly blown out. She's graciously accepting his homage, she knows she has no need to qualify herself to him nor any interest in him.

Look, talking about Game to women is not indicative of being a masterful player who is an expert on the fair sex, it simply informs them that you're a sperg who doesn't understand what he's read. That's like a woman telling a man, "you like my big breasts? Well, they're really just a push-up bra. And see, look how under my makeup I've actually got a really awful complexion."

Now, the guy showed the courage to put himself out there, he clearly attempted to outkick his coverage, he did (subsequently) push for a get-together, and he is seeking to improve via feedback. Hence the three. We're not talking hopeless here, but we are talking about Gamma based on the pedestalization and excessive floweriness. This means that the route to improvement and eventual success will begin with the self rather than the mechanics.

Care to predict how this will turn out?