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Alpha Mail: the case of the reluctant spinster

October 31, 2013
PS writes on behalf of a female relative:
I wonder if you'd do a post on a conundrum I have, to get your take and the readers input. I'm sure other women have this predicament. I have a relative that is a 37 year old female virgin who has finally begrudgingly and tearfully admitted that she would like to be married, problem is she is overweight (though not ugly, SMV 4-5 and has flattering curves) and lacks any understanding of how to deal with the opposite sex.

She is a primary school teacher and has primarily associated with older women and overweight female friends her entire life. The family has left that part of her life alone and was pretty much resigned to her being a spinster.

Thanks to game blogs I probed her constantly and eventually she cracked and admitted the truth, she has preserved a stoic exterior but deep down there is a massive well of disappointment, sadness and regret. She isn't a feminist but the older women in her life (mother, aunts and family friends) failed her miserably (they basically avoided the topic) and she imbibed the independent lifestyle (travel, expensive trinkets etc).

What advice would you give to help her find a husband? I'm willing to pound the pavement and introduce her to guys.
First, I would inform her that all hope is not lost, not yet. Many men value a lack of a carousel history, and some place particular value on virginity. She is in much better POTENTIAL shape than the average 40 year-old with an N over 20 and a pair of ill-behaved brats.

Second, I would go over her diet and lack of exercise with her. Get her to the gym! She should be lifting free weights as well as doing cardio; let her know that she can be in good and relatively slender shape by Halloween next year if she is willing to work at it. It won't be easy, but it is entirely doable.

Third, get her away from the den of sloth that is her social circle. All peer groups tend to influence their members for either good or evil, but few are as pernicious as the slovenly coven of the sort PS describes here. The moment she starts showing signs of raising her SMV, and concomitantly, her status within the social circle, her friends are going to turn on her with a fury that will have to be seen to be believed. Fat women HATE slender women, particularly slender women who used to be fat women. She needs to be prepared for that and reminded that "friends" who oppose her self-improvement are no true friends.

Fourth, encourage her to be looking for men who are 45+. I don't think she'll be inclined to any alpha-chasing, but as we know from our early teenage years, sexual power in the hands of women who have never had it before tends to go to their heads. She should cast aside any notion of making up for lost time and focus on the mission of finding the right man to marry. She has time, but she doesn't have a lot of time.

Fifth, protect her as she transforms and gradually becomes desirable to the deltas and bangable to the betas and lesser alphas. She likely has no means of discerning the predators from the potential husbands, so PS must get her to accept the idea of using him as a filter to separate the wheat from the chaff before she appears on their radar.

Susan Walsh was entirely wrong when she posited that men want women to lose their SMV. Quite the opposite, we want to see all women maximize it. It is women who aren't always so keen on the idea that other women might rise in value. So, I'm sure that all the men here will wish PS and his relative good luck in their mutual project, assuming they both decide to embark on Operation Ring-on-the-Finger.

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