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Be careful who you call

June 25, 2013
He just might show his cards:
To what extend are bright women opting to have black babies rather that pursue education? You're claiming these are "low quality" women. That is NOT obvious.

Along with thousands of other variables, NLSY97 contains information on respondents' sexual partners, including race. What do we find when we compare white females who report black sexual partners to those who don't?

The former are fatter (mean BMI: 27.8 vs. 25.4), dumber (median ASVAB math/verbal percentile: 52.2 vs. 61.1).... Those with mulatto children are even fatter (mean BMI: 29), dumber (median ASVAB math/verbal percentile: 45.9).

Looking at data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health), which followed a different cohort, results are similar. White females who have ever had a black sexual partner are fatter (mean BMI: 28.8 vs. 26.2) and less intelligent (median ADD HEALTH Picture Vocabulary Test score: 99 vs. 105).
Sometimes, appealing to science to refute the evidence of your lying eyes only serves to make the observable facts all the more uncomfortably stark.  And, as Roissy noted, "It’s fair to say the whole media industrial complex portrays the exact opposite of reality." I know, it's got to be terribly shocking to discover that Sex and the City lied and handsome black doctors don't actually tend to pair up with gawky red-headed lesbian lawyers, still less beautiful and sophisticated blondes with advanced degrees.

As the theory of Game would indicate, some people make use of race as a means of boosting their relative attractiveness just as they utilize any other personal attribute.  (Fewer, actually, than one would tend to expect.) A fat, stupid, personality-challenged white girl can use her race to attract a better-looking black man just as a tall white nerd with no Game can use his to attract a better-looking Asian woman.  It's a logical tactic given the different sexual values people put on the various races, the potential dysgenic effects on society notwithstanding.

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