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Be the strong horse

May 9, 2013
You cannot cater to her. You must insist that she cater to you. Why? Because that's what women find attractive.
Soumaya, née Aphrodite, is one of a wave of tens of thousands of Westerners who convert to Islam every year, more than 75 percent of whom, astonishingly, are women.  Equally surprising is the fact that most of these women gravitate to conservative Islamic groups – the more misogynistic and oppressive ones – insisting all the while that they feel “liberated” and “free.”

Reading through dozens of stories of such women, one can’t help but notice the similarities among them.  All claim to have embraced Islam of their own free will; yet an overwhelming majority, like Soumaya (whose story was profiled in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool), converted only after dating (or wedding) a Muslim man, usually – interestingly enough – a Moroccan (even in countries like England, where Moroccans do not form the majority Muslim population).
Look, if a woman is willing to completely transform her life, change her name, and start wearing bedsheets simply because the man treats her like a filthy infidel bitch while she scorns the nice helpful guy who is at her beck and call, this should tell you something about how men are advised to treat women they would like to find them attractive.

Muslim men are attractive to Western women precisely because they treat them with scorn and contempt.  They may not do so for the same reason Western rock stars do, but the effect is the same.

This is a basic Game concept, but for some reason, men find it hard to believe.  Just remember: women like strong horses.  They like stallions. They don't like pack donkeys.

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