Idiots in the pulpit can't figure out why "the beautiful women" in their churches can't find any dates. Perhaps it's because they've driven every man under the age of 40 out of the congregation:
And don’t even get me started on the Xbox. And all of that. If you have callouses on your thumbs, you’re a loser. If you’re more than 18 years old and you’re still jackin’ around with that stuff… [does “L” gesture].

I curse that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

There are young gals in this church. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful young gals, and you know why they can’t get a date? ‘Cause that retarded spirit got onto young men.
Back in the Elizabethan era, this moron would have been one of those agitating against the devil theater. If I ever heard a so-called pastor inveigle against electronic games, I'd get up, walk out, and never come back because the man isn't preaching the Gospel, he's just kowtowing to the modern spirit of feminism.

And as Dalrock points out, the real problem isn't a retarded spirit getting into young men, it is a rebellious feminist spirit getting into women. No man with even a modicum of good sense wants anything to do with such women.

The fact that the moron's teaching is an evil one is easy enough to see:
Some of you women, you have my permission — blame me. He come home — I’m talking about your husband come home, and that’s gone. And don’t just throw it in the trash — he’ll go fish it out — you gotta put in the bathtub full of water before you throw it in the trash.
Criminal vandalism and divorce, surely that's what pleases God. And transitive sin is not exactly good theology. Seriously, who listens to these sorts of self-inflating jackasses? The young men have the good sense to tune him out and leave, leaving him the only man in the room.

Dalrock commenter Enrique noticed as much.

All these so-called pastors are passive-aggressive man-boys (ironically), who, on the average, could never control men or dare to credibly challenge men in any actual sphere of real, diverse interaction (the military, fighting, sports, gambling, corporate America). They constantly harp at other men for not growing up and being “real men” etc etc, when they make their living appealing to women’s reception of virtue signaling. It’s all phony. 

They couldn't even challenge them at vidya, for that matter.