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Beware Lucifer's daughters

September 20, 2014
An interesting article on the female predator archetype:
In this article I introduce to you the dark triad woman or as I and a close friend refer to them as, “a Lucifer’s daughter” the term Lucifer’s daughter was affectionately chosen to aptly describe the cold, evil nature of the dark triad female, so much so that, if one were religious – they would deem such a woman to be a spawn of the devil himself. Dark triad women are incredibly calculating, they have virtually no morals, they’re incredibly opportunistic, they’re unfeeling (towards others) whilst being very good at simulating inauthentic feelings purely for the purposes of deception. They’re emotionally and rationally solipsistic to a point where their perception of other people (including women, not just men) can be succinctly summed up as  “what does this person do for me, if nothing, what could they do for me and how can I manipulate them into providing that for me?” Lucifer’s daughters are sadistic, I say they’re dark triad because the term is more familiar to the readership, but due to their sadism, they’d much more accurately be described as dark tetrad.

Lucifer’s daughters are women whose core personality is shrouded in a thinly concealed barely contained undying rage, they are of an adversarial disposition and extremely emotionally violent. They have a tendency to over accentuate a neonatal appearance in order to better allow them to win people’s hearts and sympathies easier through their insincere aesthetic display of innocence. They are in essence, the closest thing to a Venus fly trap a human can be, watch out for that lip gloss. These are women of incredible psychological prowess whom utilise the power of the victim in all it’s perverse and incredible might to gain hordes upon hordes of allies who will put themselves on the line so that she need not, to a Lucifer’s daughter there is no sanctity in human life, any man or woman who can be used up as a consumable to fulfil her aims is entirely disposable.
It's an interesting article marred only by the author's failure to understand that he is describing female psychopathy. Psychopathy is not logic versus emotion, but a complete lack of empathy. I've known a few of this type; they tended to gravitate towards a friend of mine. Interestingly enough, I've observed that they tend to be afraid of men with a Dark Triad trait or two.

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