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Can confirm

February 8, 2017
Double E attempts to explain the Sigma mindset:
A lot of people reading Vox project. They just don't understand sigmas. So when they see something he's written, they tend to assume he is speaking from the 'normal' emotional position that they and most others would have to be in to make a similar statement. Most people would have to be feeling fairly strong emotions to openly tell somebody "I don't care what you think". And so they assume Vox is doing the same thing. "oh look hes being defensive." or "that comment must have really got to him"

No. He just ACTUALLY doesn't care what the guy thinks. He isn't stewing over this conversation for the next few hours, or thinking about what would have been the sickest burn - he isn't thinking about it at all.

So also, his insights into the emotions of the poster aren't an attempt to attack the guy, or get him to do or feel anything. Its not about him. Vox doesn't care about him. It's much more closer to an alien being like "hmm this insect flies in circles when I pull off one wing. Interesting." **writes in notebook**

Meanwhile the bug is shrieking about how cruel, and mad, or triggered this alien must be to do such a thing.
This is correct. Sigmas are not some sort of Vulcan or anything. I definitely have emotions, and they are certainly aroused in situations like the one described yesterday. But they are seldom the emotions that Gammas or others tend to assume they are. I have very little interest in what most people think, in part because I can very often anticipate how they will react to a given situation on the basis of their identity, intelligence, and socio-sexual rank.

I felt precisely one emotion when several people started criticizing the cover of the new Wright novel, offering unrequested advice, and suggesting unnecessary debate: annoyance. However, that's as far as it went.

And it is the very dispassionate observation he describes that often allows me to quickly, and correctly, determine the sort of individual with whom I am dealing, even on the basis of a single statement or comment. For someone who strongly prefers to stay well outside most groups and their social hierarchies it is very useful to be able to not only understand, but anticipate, the probable consequences of the group dynamics.

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