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November 5, 2014
Science declares Game has it all wrong, as social scientists have discovered that women prefer humble men to arrogant bad boys:
Cocky, bad guys may usually get the girl in the movies but the same isn't true in real life, according to new research.It showed that being humble is the key to marking yourself out as a good romantic partner while arrogance and egotism are turn-offs, it found....

The research, published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, involved three studies carried out by Dr Van Tongeren and colleagues. In the first study, 41 students created dating profiles and answered personality questions in the belief that others would see their results and they would look at other students' profiles.Both male and female participants gave significantly higher ratings to the humble person and were more likely to want them to see their own profile, give them their phone number and meet them.

The second study, involving 133 students, was similar but varied the language used to describe a potential date in the profile, rather than using numbers to rate humility. For example, the humble profile stated 'other people say I'm smart, but I don't like the attention', while the other read 'I'm a really good student and pretty smart...I guess it just comes naturally.'

Again, both men and women preferred the humble profile as a potential date to the profile that suggested arrogance.
I suspect the study would have been considerably more reliable if they had followed it up and researched precisely with whom these women who claim to be turned off by arrogance and egotism are actually having sex and what sort of men they are. As it stands, all the studies do is underline a fundamental mantra of Game: never pay any attention to what a woman tells you about female sexual preferences, including her own.

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