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Crab bucket philosophy

March 6, 2017
RSM points out that feminism isn't merely a crazy and incoherent philosophy, it's an inherently destructive, dyscivilizational one as well:
The point I wish to make here is not that this woman is crazy — although, obviously, she is — but rather that this kind of paranoid madness is a logical consequence of the core beliefs of feminism.

Most people in this world are just doing whatever it takes to survive. Get up in the morning, go to work, come home at the end of the day, eat supper, watch TV a while and go to sleep, then get up the next morning and do it again. Our lives are basically about paying the bills. Do men exploit, dominate, objectify and degrade women? Perhaps some do, but most guys are just working and paying bills. They don’t have spare time to do all that patriarchal oppression stuff. So what is she complaining about?

Consider, for example, the feminist witch’s denunciation of “norms and ideals” about what “makes a woman pleasing and gives her value.” While she is no specific as to what she means by this, we may assume that she is referring to “norms and ideals” of female appearance and behavior, especially as they are esteemed by men. In other words, what kind of women do men generally like best? It is ordinary male preferences which are being denounced in this diatribe about objectification, etc.

This demonization of males — the claim that women are victims of “mental and existential” violence, simply as a consequence of living in the same world with men — is inherent to feminist theory. This isn’t just what some random Tumblrina is spewing on the Internet, it’s what is being taught in university Women’s Studies courses. If any man objects to this insulting rhetoric, he is accused of being a misogynist. The only enlightened men, according to feminists, are men who hate themselves, who enthusiastically agree with this anti-male ideology. If men say that feminists are engaged in exaggeration when they “talk about men’s violence and patriarchal structures,” this criticism is rejected as a “tool for the patriarchal forces to silence women.”

Far from seeking to “silence” feminists, of course, my purpose is to quote them at length, so that everybody can see how crazy they are. The craziness is self-evident.
Feminists have to demonize everyone else because they themselves are demonic. And I mean that in the absolutely literal sense. Their philosophy is literally satanic in every sense of the term.

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