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Delta Man: Things which are hidden

September 4, 2015

Unless you’ve been living on another planet this last month you’ll have read or heard about the Ashley Maddison hack and the fallout. Everyone from government officials to pastors and theologians have been caught up in it causing ruined reputations, marriages, and causing grief.


I’m not going to moralize you on how adultery is wrong as I am confident that most people already think it is wrong, but the take away here is that what you do in secret has a possibility of one day being exposed and causing a lot of damage. I’m not speaking of privacy here like bank account numbers or legitimate business which need to remain secret to avoid theft or unwanted intrusions. These are the dark things you do you and try to keep hidden from your family and friends as you’d be embarrassed if they were found out. The easy one is the porn collection you might have stashed, but what about other activities? Petty theft, trolling on sites under various names, inappropriate communication with women if you are in a LTR or married, spending family money on things and not being open about it, shady business dealings, and the list goes on. The true test of character is not what a man does when others see him, but what he does when no one sees him.


So what’s the antidote? In the immortal words of The Humungus: “Just walk away.” Close the accounts, dump the stash, clean up the finances, stop the communications; walk out of the dark and into the light. It won’t be easy because the dark is fun, it’s pleasurable, which is why we do it, but if you want to be a better man you need to do your best to avoid the dark.

This pertains directly to Game because regardless of modern notions of relationships women still follow their men’s lead. If you are a crook, she’ll be inclined to be one too. If you have secrets she may not know what you are keeping secret, but she’ll soon sense you have one and have some of her own. It’s not like she won’t have a choice, but she will clearly by influenced by your actions. I hear a lot of complaints on this site and others about the low moral character of modern women and I can’t argue that fact, but how can you expect them to be virtuous if you are not? Is the solution to evil to repay it with more evil? I can’t say that having high moral character will get you a date on Saturday night, but it won’t stop you either, and you’ll have the benefit of being authentic and not living in fear of what people might find out about you.

I realize this post is being given from a soap box, but if you clean up your act you'll probably thank me one day when the light unexpectedly shines on you.

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