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Delta Perspective: Don’t interrupt

August 10, 2015
A clear sign of being a Gamma is constantly interrupting people when they are speaking. Gammas think they always have so many special, unique and important words to say that the person talking should feel privileged to be interrupted to listen to their wisdom. Instead Gammas have nothing important to say at all and instead they simply relate barely relevant anecdotes about themselves which nobody cares about.

When someone is telling you something give them the opportunity to finish their thought and get to the point. If they fail then it is fine to coax them on a little if they are having trouble focusing, but it isn’t a time to relate something you want to say. Try to ask questions to clarify things if they are unclear.

Stop the snark when others are talking as well. If they are making a fool of themselves you don’t have to be the one to point it out as everyone will see it as well. If they aren’t making a fool of themselves, then being snarky in the middle of it is disrespectful and petty. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Gammas make wisecracks when another man is speaking, particularly important men. It’s a Gamma’s way of trying to tear down the other man with their typical cowardice and skirting along the edge of the issue.

There is a time to interrupt though, and that’s when someone is droning on and wasting your time. The best way to deal with it is to simply leave if at all possible. Don’t be melodramatic about it, instead just excuse yourself between breaths and interrupt them if you have to and explain you have to get going. Then turn around and simply walk off.  There are of course times this can’t work. Sometimes you are forced to listen to people due to circumstance, but if you don’t have to waste your time then leave. This doesn’t apply to your wife or girlfriend though. You can’t walk out of the room every time the story gets a little long and that is a whole other discussion outside the scope of this post.

Use good judgment on all of this of course and there are no hard rules about it, but the point is to try to be a good listener when it’s applicable, and don’t allow people to waste your time if you can avoid it.

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