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Don't cut your damn hair redux

August 18, 2014
The Chateau observes that short hair on women is an affront to male desire:
The best you can say about a woman with short, cropped hair is that she looks almost as good as she does with long hair. Audrey Hepburn was a classic representative of the ingenue who looks impishly sexy with short hair. But long-haired photos of Audrey prove that she looked even better with her tresses out and about for a playful romp.

Given the near-universal preference of men for longer-haired women, it is then a mystery why women chop their hair off. Don’t women want to please men? They do, but cultural and sex ratio shifts can influence how weakly or strongly women feel the need to appease the sexual preferences of men.

The last period short hair styles were widely fashionable on women (as well as flapper dresses which concealed the female form) was the Roaring Twenties, a time of feminism, suffrage, intensified status striving, and growing wealth inequality. Sound familiar?
We can even quantify the amount to which a woman cutting her hair reduces her sexual market value. The difference between going from long hair to chin-length hair reduces a woman's SMV by 15 percent. Going even shorter probably knocks it down another 5 percent.

Just to put it in perspective, that 15-percent reduction is the equivalent of going from a D-cup to completely flat or from skinny to flabby. So, if you're a woman who has ever worn a push-up bra or worked out, keep in mind that cutting your hair off will cancel out all your other efforts to look attractive to men.

Also, as Gavin McInnes points out, short hair is rape:
Cutting your hair short seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe your boyfriend dumped you and you’re looking to reinvent yourself. Maybe you think a “pixie cut” is a cute new look. Maybe you find it empowering to have a zero-maintenance ’do and you want to be free to focus on your work without being hit on all the time. In all cases, you are saying “yes” to yourself and “no” to us. This is perfectly fine if you want to check out of society for the year or so it takes to grow your hair back, but if you’re still horsing around with us, it’s more than unattractive. It’s rape.
And rape is wrong. So don't cut your damn hair.

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