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Don't offer unsolicited help or too much of it

March 14, 2016
Gamma-hover: When 4+ woman enters a room and a Gamma suddenly finds a reason to be near her and offer helpful advice on whatever she is doing regardless of her actually needing help.

Delta-advice: When a Delta is asked to help a woman 4+ but goes way overboard trying to do most everything possible for her, defending her actions despite possible bad behavior, and offering way too much information in an effort to be helpful.

Gammas and Deltas are both entirely too helpful to semi-attractive and attractive women. It’s condescending to the women and smacks of desperation (Gamma) or a desire to be seen as a defender of womankind (Delta). If a woman wants your help she’ll ask for it and you aren’t required to help any more than you are required to help a man. If she does ask for help don't make her task yours. If a man walks into the room to perform a task do you leap to your feet in an effort to get close and help? If an extremely unattractive woman walks in are you racing to her side as well to offer assistance?

I have never seen a man offer unsolicited help to a woman be successful in attracting her. I have seen a woman ask a man for help for something and hit it off because he’s already in play; the request is an excuse to talk to him, but the help is secondary and isn't the focus.

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Title Don't offer unsolicited help or too much of it
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