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Equality at last

June 18, 2014
A Game of Thrones's dedication to sexual equality is hailed:
We're now entering truly sexist-free television, with one of the hallmarks being a brutal, savage, dirty fight between an equally matched man and woman who punch and kick each other in the crotch with gusto.
Setting aside the fact that this supposedly equal match featured a physical freak and a man dying of an infected wound, it's fascinating to note that the pinnacle of equality is deemed to be, and I quote, the "best cunt punt ever".

I tend to suspect whoever is in charge of the Female Imperative will soon be rushing to redefine "equality" with no small degree of alacrity. In my experience, most female equalitarians tend to be in favor of being permitted to vote, divorce, and murder their unborn children, and they are rather less keen on the aforementioned punting.

But I could certainly be wrong. And I found this little window on female solipsism in action to be as amusing as it is expected.
Watching it with my mom. When the Hound got punched in the balls, she goes "ohhh, yeah!" but when Brienne gets kicked in the cunt she goes "oh that's awful"
Thereby demonstrating, once more, that it's not empathy. It is pure solipsism.

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