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Explaining the "strong female leadership" in The Last Jedi

December 26, 2017
Steve (The Dark Ninja of Mockery) writes:

Remember, The Last Jedi was written by this guy: 


Who (apparently without being coerced) married this woman: 


Now, I'm no expert on this Alpha, Gamma, Sigmund stuff but I reckon The Soy Awakens up there is pretty low on the sociosexual totem pole.

How do these guys imagine "stronk wimmin"? As either their horrible overbearing mothers, or their cuntacular teachers, or their vagina dentata'ed problem-spectacled bosswives."

Hair like that on a woman is a warning that every other evil rides in her train. Though even when she was blonde she wasn't quite right...


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Title Explaining the "strong female leadership" in The Last Jedi
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