A tech Gamma wonders why he sabotages himself:
I am a mid 20s white male who has been afforded immense privilege in life. I am outwardly extremely confident and able to get what I want. I have dozens of opportunities in front of me, more than 99% of people. Yet instead of being grateful for these opportunities, I feel like I do not deserve them. As a result, I frequently begin an endeavor, see some initial success, but then self destruct just prior to an inflection point, thus destroying any chance of future success.

This happens everywhere. School, athletics, relationships, businesses. Because I feel I do not deserve what I have, I self-destruct before I can take anything to the next level. It seems to be a subconscious attempt at equalizing my reality with what I feel I deserve.

I believe the cause of this is overthinking everything. I am analytical and often overzealous in my choice of analysis. I feel like I am observing myself from the third person. What I see, I don't like.

How do I get over this self-loathing? Do I need to stop overthinking? Is that even possible? Do I just need to accept this state of mind and seize control of it?
This is a normal state of Gamma delusion. He believes he is "outwardly extremely confident" and is "able to get what I want", and yet he repeatedly fails at everything he does. But the reality is that he's not really fooling anyone. It's not about "equalizing my reality with what I feel I deserve". That's nonsensical psychobabble. He fails because he has what is wrongly called "fear of success", which is actually "fear of being seen trying and failing".

What he has to do is adopt the philosophy "fail faster". The more you try and fail, and the faster you can speed up that process, the more likely it is that one or more of your future endeavors will meet with success.

The heart of all Gamma problems can be summed up with a single phrase: "what will they think of me?" That is a self-shackling thought, and it can cripple even the most intelligent individual. Don't be afraid to fail. Don't be afraid to be seen to try. Even the most successful people fail, badly, most of the time.