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Gamma solipsism

April 9, 2015
JW points out something it is important to keep in mind when dealing with Gamma males. And remember, most, though not all, SJWs are Gammas.
Speaking as someone who, much like the classic SJW, finds lots of things "triggering" seeing the picture of Vox with wife and also listening to his voice is jolting to me. I think its because, much like the SJW, I always suspect that deep down everybody is like me and completely insecure, and that this blog is actually written by somebody with deep insecurity. When it becomes clear that it isn't it is a mini-shock to me.
His comment about my voice is particularly interesting because I don't have a deep bass I AM ALPHA voice. I'm a tenor and I have a mildly sibilant S, which is why you'll never hear me reading my own audiobooks. It's quite common for people to be surprised by it after a radio interview, as these comments from last night's podcast about Sad Puppies demonstrate.
  1. Vox, your voice is very different then I expected. I always thought of you sounding like George C. Scott in Patton
  2. My son said "That's Vox? I always hear Darth Vador's voice when I read him."
And yet, JW still found my voice "jolting". Why? Because I am fundamentally at ease with myself. I'm confident in my strengths, I'm accepting of my weaknesses, and I don't have many illusions about myself. And most of all, JW could hear that I didn't have anything to hide and that I genuinely possess confidence in myself.

Confidence is so foreign to the Gamma that they can't imagine it actually exists. That's why their attempts to ape it are so often jarringly off; it is like a blind man attempting to draw a unicorn.

Gammas are insecure and solipsistic, so they will tend to project their insecurity onto you. Remember, they cannot distinguish between feigned confidence and the real thing. It's not a problem, at least not for you, although their inability to take you at your word can sometimes be annoying.

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