Gammas can't even kill themselves without looking ridiculous:
A 22-year-old man shot himself dead live on Facebook after accusing his girlfriend of adultery and telling her he could not live without her. The shocking video was streamed on the account of Turkish man Erdogan Ceren.

According to local media he lived in the Osmaniye Province in southern Turkey and was at home when he shot the video at around 3pm. Before the act he also shared a poem that he had written to his allegedly adulterous girlfriend, saying:

"Our love was going to be a saga, our eyes were not going to shed tears, now tell me love, are you leaving, will my hands burn without you."

Speaking to the camera, the man says: "No one believed when I said I will kill myself - so watch this."

He then explains that he plans to commit suicide because his girlfriend ended their relationship.He adds: "Watch this."

His first attempt at pulling the trigger of what appears to be a shotgun fails when the weapon appears to jam, and then he tries again. He readjusts the camera, points the weapon at his chest, and then there is a gunshot and he is no longer visible on camera.
What are the chances he didn't even write that stupid little poem himself. Anyhow, he certainly showed everyone who didn't believe him.

That's a real win, champ!

See, this is why you don't want to wallow in gammatude. Even dead, people will make fun of you.