Heartiste addresses a common Delta-Gamma misconception:
A fairly regular bleat from the woe-is-me contingent of hapless beta male romantic losers who’d rather wallow in self-pity than engage the frightening prospect that deliberate effort can improve one’s sex life, is the recurrent assertion that Game – or any of its organic derivatives – will only work on women who are “already attracted to the man”.

This claim is an indicator that the claimant has either

a. no experience seducing women (as opposed to listening to women talk about other men seducing them, or watching women be seduced by other men), or

b. has had the stroke of luck to land Miss Right early in life, settle down, and thereafter be cursed (or blessed, depending on your POV) to view womankind through snow white-tinted glasses, which act as convenient amplifiers that facilitate the projection of male desire onto female sexuality.
We see this all the time in science fiction literature written by low-status men, in which the attractive (usually red-headed and large-breasted) woman blitzes the unsuspecting, but delighted man who has refused to do anything except intensely respect her.

You have a choice. You can either wait for a woman to be attracted to you or you can work at building her attraction to you. That doesn't mean it's always possible to do so, because some attractions simply cannot be built, but if the latter doesn't work, you can be damn sure that the former won't either.