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I'm not seeing the problem here

December 17, 2017
Max Roscoe is concerned about sexual harassment hysteria:

"Other prominent men who lost their careers after allegations of sexual groping or harassment include comedian Louis C.K., who invited women to his private room where he masturbated in front of them. 

Louis, known for his “Everything is Amazing and No One Cares” routine, had some funny jokes in his early work, but now is deemed completely unworthy of using his comic talent, as his recent film project was cancelled days before its scheduled screening, scheduled TV interviews were cancelled, and Netflix cancelled his upcoming comedy special. 

Because C.K. made 5 women allegedly feel gross and uncomfortable, he can no longer work in his chosen field, and his millions of fans cannot hear him tell another joke. 

 NBC television anchorman Matt Lauer, a veteran of over two decades on the Today Show, was fired after the first allegation of sexual misconduct in his professional career was made last month. When no specific allegations of rape or violence are made, one must conclude that the behavior was at worst an inappropriate, childish, unprofessional act that made a woman feel uncomfortable. 

Nothing to be tolerated, perhaps, but does it rise to the level of termination and ostracizing Lauer from ever working again?"

Sure, why not? Matt Lauer was #fakenews made flesh. And C.K. was a sicko.

Most of the targets of the current "sexual harassment hysteria" are the enemies of Western Civilization, decency, Christianity and America. They fed the SJW beast and now it's eating them.

I'm half-way through The Last Closet right now and it's been quite eye-opening to see how the authors and intellectuals who imagined new futures where life is one big orgy... were perverts in real life, even preying on their own children.

"Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."

Sure, culture has reached a point where just about anything a man does can be construed as sexual harassment and if you're a worrier, you can worry about that later - but right now, we're seeing our enemies getting torched by the world they created.

Let it burn. I'll bring the marshmallows.

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