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Learning by example

July 9, 2015
This exchange in the comments between Delta Man and Mindstorm is a very illustrative example of Gamma in action:
Mindstorm: Also remember, being shot down by a porker is more mentally damaging than by a slightly above average cutie.

Delta Man: Is this what you fear?

Mindstorm: No, it's what I despise. BTW, on the scale between 1 and 10, the average is not exactly five, but halfway between five and six. And no amount of ALLCAPS and exclamation points would change that.

Delta Man: the precise numerical value is irrelevant; you missed the point. 

Mindstorm: For an irrelevant value, you were pretty emphatic. My fears are even less relevant, so what? I don't think that I was missing your point at all. It wasn't particularly insightful or revelatory. I just enjoy rattling your chain, if you haven't noticed. Don't let me detain you, though.
How do we know Mindstorm is a Gamma? First, he considers "being shot down by a porker" to be mentally damaging. Gammas don't only aim too high because they are delusional, but because they are very protective of their fragile egos. To be shot down by "a slightly above average cutie" (note the very non-Alpha language) is acceptable, because "cuties" theoretically shoot down lots of men. But to be shot down by a porker is hurtful, because it punctures the Gamma's delusion bubble and forces him to face his low sexual market value.

Second, note that Mindstorm can't simply be honest about being afraid of what he quite obviously fears. In his fear of admitting to being afraid, he becomes incoherent. We're supposed to believe that he's not afraid of being damaged mentally, but he despises it? How does that make any sense at all? It doesn't. It's an instinctive evasive behavior.

Third, note the typical Gamma dishonesty and reactive passive-aggression. Because Delta Man has observed a potential weakness in him, he has to posture, pose, and pretend indifference and superiority by utilizing a barrage of word salad. It's like watching a squid eject ink in an attempt to escape.

Now ask yourself, does this fool you? And if it doesn't, do you really think you're fooling anyone else when you resort to this behavior under pressure?

Meanwhile, Jay strikes right to the heart of the Gamma delusion bubble:
The problem is I already "know" that my level is low, I just "feel" like its higher. 
That's totally normal. But self-improvement is the only way to increase your level, and you can't improve yourself so long as you permit your actions to be guided by your feelings rather than by your knowledge.

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