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Men avoiding marriage: a case study

July 10, 2014
I was at the gym yesterday talking with a friendly acquaintance, a younger man who is tall, personable, handsome, and in the process of getting his Master's. He's a big, strong guy, thirty, and looks exactly like the sort of guy you'd see in a fire department's annual beefcake catalog. He's precisely the sort of Alpha for whom most women would swoon on sight.

He was telling me about an upcoming trip to the beach with his girlfriend he had planned when I raised my eyebrows, wondering if he was thinking about proposing to her. But he apparently anticipated what had crossed my mind, because he laughed and shook his head. While he said he had great respect for the institution of marriage, and wanted to have children someday, his considered opinion was that a man would have to be a fool to get married these days because it fundamentally changes the woman's attitude and behavior towards the man.

"Once they have the ring, they think they own you," he said. And whether this is generally true or not, it was interesting to see that this thinking on the part of young men has now penetrated Europe as well as the USA. He wasn't afraid of getting divorced, although he was aware that the laws and family courts tend to be stacked against men, he simply didn't see any reason to voluntarily alter the power balance of the relationship to his detriment. "Why would I want to do that?" he asked. "There is no reason I should."

And from his irreligious perspective, he's absolutely correct. Unless you are a religious man, there is no longer any rational reason to marry a woman. You can have sex with her and even have children with her without making any sort of legally enforceable commitment. And unless you are a religious woman who is willing to forswear her legal right to divorce and a potential court-imposed division of family assets, there is absolutely no reason for a man to ever marry you.

If no-fault divorce and the cash-and-prizes system of alimony and child support is not ended soon, I suspect the marriage rate across the West is going to crash even further than we have already witnessed. And although the Female Imperative will demand the imposition of forced marriage laws such as have already been introduced in parts of Canada in order to maintain the Marriage 2.0 system, men will avoid them by simply refusing to live with the mothers of their children.

This is not a good thing. Marriage 2.0 must be dismantled immediately before its additional ramifications shatter the pillars of Western civilization.

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