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Never interrupt a woman

September 30, 2016
Judgy Bitch explains why if a man is interrupted six times more than a woman, that is unfair to the woman:
The mewling over Donald Trump’s ‘misogyny’ in last night’s debate has begun. Trump interrupted Hillary, you see, and if you interrupt a woman, that means you hate not just her, but all women, everywhere. When a woman speaks, men must remain silent and never correct or contradict her mid-sentence because that makes her feel intimidated and the poor, weak, timorous thing might collapse from the sheer, unparalleled hatred of it all. No one seems to mind that the moderator interrupted Trump 41 times, and Clinton just 7 times, but Trump is a man and he can take it, right? Hillary is a mere woman, and one must treat her gently.

Hillary can’t handle being interrupted, but she can handle Vladimir Putin?
How is it unfair to a woman to be interrupted 34 times less than a man? Because a woman should NEVER be interrupted. Everyone should listen respectfully to her babbling what she is saying, pretend to take it seriously listen attentively, and wait at least five seconds before saying anything when she appears to have finished just in case she forgot what she was talking about anything important.

This isn't rocket science, people.

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