Someone commented that we spend a lot more time talking about Gammas than Alphas despite the fact that the blog is named Alpha Game. That's true, and there is a good reason for it. First, as with VP, the focus of the blog has evolved over time. Second, there are no shortage of other blogs telling men how to increase their status, how to make themselves more attractive to women, and how to get laid more. But very few are doing much to help those on the bottom end of the male hierarchy, much less seeking to understand why they are there.

I don't like Gammas myself. And from what I've learned, most Gammas aren't too thrilled about themselves either. So, we both have a motivation to help them understand the factors weighing against them, helping them deal with those challenges, and giving them the means to increase their socio-sexual status so that they will become happier, better-adjusted men who are less annoying to those around them.

I've never forgotten the behavior of one Alpha who did not reject me when I was an Omega, and who, in his own blithe way, signaled to the social hierarchy that I was all right. Perhaps that is why, when I see a Gamma preening and posturing and generally making a complete ass of himself, I feel a desire to help him stop doing that, in addition to feeling the normal human urge to kick him.

Not everyone can be an Alpha. But nearly every man is capable of Delta. That's the real objective.