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Portrait of a pioneer

April 29, 2014
In more good news for the sexual equalitarians, it appears women in the military are closing the all-important suicide gap between male and female soldiers:
Informed sources tell that three of the deceased - two officers and an NCO - allegedly took their own lives over the Easter weekend. One of them was a female captain who blazed the trail as first of her gender to command an all-female F.E.T. (Female Engagement Team) sent to improve relations with Afghan women.


Kelly Hasselman was a super-achiever, just the kind of young officer the Army loves to point to as an ideal. An honor graduate (2007) of the Citadel, she excelled at every challenge she took on. All except one. The much-ballyhooed F.E.T. 55-woman detachment she commanded soon imploded, no fault of it's earnest leader.

"A number of women got pregnant and were sent back to the States," an officer in the know told MCC. "Others were producing pornography for American GIs, and some of the raunchy photos included females in lesbian poses."

Whether this "failure," a first in the intense and highly-successful career of Kelly Hasselman, was enough to send her off the rails, or her death has a more sinister origin, we cannot say for sure at this early date.
Why, I do believe we may have a case of Hultgreen-Curie Syndrome at work here. And isn't it wonderful that women now can join the military and commit suicide just like men do! If that's not powerful evidence of the sustainability of the equalitarian society, what is?

So, here is a thought: what if young women were encouraged to get married, bear children, and raise them instead of being encouraged to go to college, join the army, and commit suicide? Isn't it at least possible that this might be a more functional basis for society?

"Cpt. Hasselman once explained to me that she would like to marry and have children, but that her career made the prospect so difficult."

It seems likely that if she had been encouraged to do so, she would still be alive. Feminism kills.

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