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"Rape" is ex post facto regret

October 17, 2013
I find it both amusing and informative that the media can't even manage to keep a straight face while trying to report yet another regret rape as a real one:
A university student photographed while appearing to be engaging in a public sex act near Ohio University's Athens campus tells police she was being raped as fellow students watched and uploaded pictures. As many as 10 people watched and tweeted pictures and even a video of the act while describing both their shock and humor of the scene unfolding, according to students who broadcast the scene on Twitter.

The couple, described as being in their early 20s, is seen in several shots leaning against a Chase Bank window on Court Street - just a block from the Athens police station - as the man has oral sex with her.

But since the photos' upload, all of which appear to be deleted online, many have questioned whether the woman pictured wasn't actively engaging in the act herself. A college news website since claiming access to the event's 1:27 video Wednesday reports that the sex does appear consensual and the woman appeared to be enjoying herself.
The fact is that most claims of "rape" are fraudulent. Every police officer and every nurse who has to go through the charade of pretending to take them seriously knows it. It's time to stop pretending that rape is the worstest crime ever in the history of the world; most women who claim to have been raped are merely women who are attempting to avoid responsibility for the consequences of their sexual decisions.

Some well-meaning women believe that the solution is to warn women about the dangers of drinking too much, failing to understand that the reason young women are drinking to excess in the first place is in order to give themselves the excuse to be "taken advantage of" and "raped" in order to have casual sex without feeling guilty about it. Hence all the ex post facto fake rape claims; in this case, the woman was embarrassed by her behavior in public, so she cries rape, and hey presto, suddenly it's not her fault. Right.

Unless a woman is either a) underage, b) at home, or c) forcibly dragged off somewhere by a stranger, the chances are very, very low that she hasn't been raped. Contra the college propaganda, no does not actually mean no, as any man who has ever gotten up and walked out on a woman the moment she said no will recognize.

Seriously, try it sometime. It's vastly amusing. The moment a woman says no, immediately get up and leave. When she looks upset and says "wait, where are you going?" just tell her "no means no, have a nice evening".  After all, you wouldn't want to be a rapist, would you?

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