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Run, don't walk

August 11, 2016
This guy doesn't seem to realize that he dodged a bullet and he needs to get away fast:
After seeing her friends getting engaged, Taylor began to get ideas herself. Those ideas just happened to be very specific.

'She talked about the ring, the locations, the photographers, what she would be wearing and it's driving me crazy. The problem is that she's more focused on the wedding than the marriage itself.'

Despite this, Logan eventually decided to ask Taylor to be his wife.

'I wanted it to be something memorable,' he says, 'but at the same time it's MY proposal too. We were planning on going to Europe and we did, we had a great time but I didn't propose because if I did, it would probably be on the top of the Eiffel Tower - and no thanks.'

Instead, Logan decided they should leave their LA lives for a trip to a small town in the South. Unlike his girlfriend, Logan is not a fan of public proposals and chose somewhere much more remote: 'Where we had nature, the sound of waves crashing and just getting away from the city life was a good thing.

'I didn't hire any photographers because it wasn't worth it. The proposal itself was just about marrying her. 'Being with her. And I DID buy her the ring she wanted. She was very annoyed. She looked at me and said, "This is a horrible joke, Logan" then she started crying because I "ruined it" for her. Then she pretended the proposal didn't happen and now she's still talking about rings like I DIDN'T PROPOSE.'

Finishing off his Reddit post, Logan admitted 'I love her, but I don't know if I'm being a jerk by not meeting her expectations - or if she's being awful.
She's being awful and you would have to be insane to marry her. She'll make a terrible wife and an even worse mother. Don't just walk, run!

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