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Shame Game

September 5, 2013
First of all, the evidence is conclusive.  Shame works on women. Here are two responses to the post written by a woman to address the selfie-taking attention whores acquainted with her sons:
"You’re a terrible role model and I’m ashamed of your judgmental attitude. It is absolutely shameful for you to be making such judgments of young women, they have a right to express themselves as they wish and it’s incredibly 1984 of you to be stalking your friend’s feeds. Also why are you going through your son’s photos, that’s almost psychotically disturbing. I can’t help but notice you’ve posted all these photos of your sons shirtless at the beach, yet that’s acceptable. Shame on you for spreading your psychotic backwoods standards to other people. I hope your sons learn better."

"Don't fret, black magic mini-sluts! It's not too late to repent. If you think you’ve made an online mistake, "RUN to your accounts and take down anything that makes it easy for your male friends to imagine you naked in your bedroom." 
Women don't react this way because something has no effect, but rather because the effect is so powerful that it alarms and frightens them. Which, the master Game theoretician reflects, could prove to be a useful tactic for the sufficiently adept Gamesman.

Ergo Shame Game. The negs practically suggest themselves:

"Hey, I didn't know this was a Slutwalk!  Team Slut, all the way!"

"Slut city, population you."

"So, would you say you are more of a slut or a straight-up whore?"

Remember, the essence of Game is forcing the woman to qualify herself to you. Slut-shaming her almost immediately puts a woman in a defensive cringe, and we all know that the female reaction to being in a defensive cringe is an intrinsically sexual one.

I don't know that Roissy has ever spelled out why being forced into defensive cringes are arousing to women, but I think it is logically obvious. Once a woman's psychological "you can't hit me because I'm a girl" defense is shattered, either directly or indirectly, her subconscious reflex is appeasement.

Essentially, the defensive cringe tingle is the woman's survival instinct pleading with the hypothetical attacker: "don't hurt me, don't hurt me, see, wouldn't you rather fuck me instead?"

This may also account for at least part of the bad boy appeal to women. The more dangerous a man appears to be, the more he triggers that instinctive reflex.

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