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Solipsism is shameless

December 20, 2013
It's impossible to understand this sort of seemingly hypocritical behavior without at least a partial grasp of female solipsism:
A top diplomat at India’s consulate in Manhattan who lobbies for women’s rights has been busted by the feds — after allegedly mistreating her female nanny. Devyani , India’s 39-year-old deputy consul general for political, economic, commercial and women’s affairs, was busted Thursday for allegedly helping to submit fake documents to the US State Department saying she was paying the woman $4,500 per month — when, in reality, the caregiver received only $573 monthly, or a measly $3.31 an hour.

In an April interview with The Indian Panorama, a weekly Manhattan-based newspaper, Khobragade claimed that she’s a strong advocate for “underprivileged” women’s rights.
Men get tripped up by this sort of thing all the time. They think that because a woman with whom they are involved says she hates being treated in a certain way, she will not treat others in that way. But women don't think like that. To them, the fact that they don't like being treated a certain way has nothing to do with how they will treat others.

But it's not pure hypocrisy. The hypocrite usually recognizes what he's doing is wrong. The solipsist usually doesn't.

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