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Sowing wild oats never ends

October 5, 2016
The idea that promiscuous individuals will "get it out of their system" turns out to be generally untrue:
Your partner’s relationship history also plays a part: if they’ve cheated on other partners, it’s more likely they will cheat on you.

One recent study found every person you sleep with before marriage increases your likelihood of cheating by one per cent. The ‘sow your wild oats’ theory turns out to be rubbish. Far from getting it out of your system, the more your partner slept around before you settled down, the more likely they are to have an affair.
While I can testify that this is not always the case, it is in general true that the more an individual gets around prior to marriage, the more likely they are to do so during marriage. This is particularly true if they have not significantly altered their lifestyle in any way.

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