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The end of feminism

October 30, 2016
It isn't dead yet. It hasn't lost the hearts of young women, only the minds. But it has suffered a mortal wound from reality puncturing its pretensions:
This image from the Women Against Feminism Tumblr page really hits home the loss for feminism. This woman was raped. She is not running around spreading lies like the UVA RAPE HOAX story that Rolling Stone ran and had to retract. She justs wants to go back to living a normal life. She does not want to be angry at ALL men for the crime of ONE of them. She does not want to demonize all men in some sad attempt to get revenge. She does not want to be a victim.

Feminists have lost the female youth of Millenials, the very generation that is supposed to obliterate the patriarchy completely in the 21st century.
If Hillary Clinton is defeated, that will end feminism as an offensive force. If Hillary Clinton is elected, that will arguably be even worse for feminism, as rule-by-Hillary will set back the cause of women by decades, if not centuries.

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