One of the seeming contradictions of Game is that while it is useful to imitate Alpha behavior, it is almost completely useless to listen to anything they have to say. Case in point, our own dc.sunsets. He is, by his own account, a successful man, happily married, with adult children who are happily married to high-quality women. Someone to whom one should listen carefully, right?

Not so much.

You see, dc doesn't actually have any advice to offer beyond bragging about how wonderful his life choices were, how well he has raised his children, and how uniformly great everything is. When actual advice is requested and offered, he often jumps in to point out that it is not relevant to him, that he does not need it, and in fact he cannot even understand why anyone would possibly need it.

Sounds like a sad lonely guy posturing on the Internet about his delusions, right?

That's wrong too. This is what Alpha actually looks like. This is what Alphas actually do. For all their socio-sexual success, they are, to a certain extent, clueless buffoons. They have little to no understanding of why what works for them works, they only know it does. That's why their "advice" is so uniformly useless. They are like the strong man who can easily lift the boulder, who tells the weak man to "just pick it up". That's also why masters of Game, who are synthetic Alphas, tend to outperform the naturals rather easily, because they have had to understand, apply, and articulate what the natural does unconsciously by nature.

And now also you know a) why Sigmas tend to have an amount of contempt for Alphas, and b) why Alphas tend to be wary of Sigmas. We simply don't give a damn about their precious self-regard, their highly valued place in the hierarchy, or the hierarchy itself.

Lest you think I'm exaggerating, consider dc's response to the post about Roosh's adventure in relationships.
If you're a man who is not an idiot, you look for a woman who is not an idiot.

All these discussions about men and women occur within the reality that MPAI. Most people ARE the masses.

Who the heck wants to marry the typical person, even if reality dictates that most will?

This is why I laugh at discussions like this one. I married a girl who is not as described. Neither do I fit the description of the typical man.

Good partnership leads to self-improvement by both husband & wife. That this is rare, yet prized, goes without saying.

Every human attribute occurs on a spectrum. Discussing the average is all heat, no light.
Well, that's certainly useful! What do we learn from that beyond dc letting everyone know that he and his wife are better than typical men and women? Nothing, of course, because that is the sole purpose of his comment. Remember, Alphas are ludicrously status-conscious. They will NEVER pass up an opportunity to try to make sure that everyone is aware, at all times, of their superior status.

Of course, they don't like to openly admit that is what they are doing any more than the Gamma likes to openly admit that he is sniping at Alphas out of envy. Alphas usually attempt to couch their status-mongering in terms of offering advice about life experience or examples of success, even though it is obvious to the observer that he's doing little more than revisiting his glory days or informing everyone of his status.
DC reminds me of the guy in my Scout Troop who's stuff was better than yours, even if you showed him that your tent and his were consecutive serial numbers. 

Believe what you wish. I've been married for 35 years, and if I don't know my wife by now (or if I'm still living some sort of fantasy) then I must surely be clueless.

We don't fit the nifty little silos I see discussed here and elsewhere, not in our personalities and not in our relationship. I readily admit to general faults, so no, I'm not "mine is always the best" guy (we've all known some of them.)

Yes, I have my own ideas on what makes for living life on Happiness Path. Given that I'm doing so and I see lots of others who are not (and I can often diagnose easily why they're in the ditch), I occasionally share my insights. Perhaps they only apply to people as peculiar as my wife and me.

PS: I'm a big, scary-looking man, so perhaps people (including women) simply don't contest me, and those who have (in the past) have been rhetorically stuffed so fast they walk away. (I also verbally intimidate people in my presence without any intent to do so.) Regardless of why, I don't relate to this topic of discussion. Moving on....
The problem, of course, is that everyone has already noticed that he has no insights to offer beyond how wonderful he is, and furthermore, he didn't hesitate to leap in and offer those insights despite not relating to the topic of discussion. Note: this isn't Gamma delusion, this is classic Alpha cluelessness.

Notice too that his first reaction to being openly challenged is to immediately resort to chest beating, both physical, "I'm a big, scary-looking man", and intellectual, "rhetorically stuffed so fast they walk away". That tends to serve as confirmation that we're dealing with an Alpha here, and not a Gamma living out his fantasies on the Internet.

Now, it's not my purpose to mock Alphas here; that's merely an amusing bonus. My purpose is to illustrate that ALL ranks in the socio-sexual hierarchy have their downsides and their weaknesses, even those that are on the top of the hierarchy. That's one reason I repeatedly stress that it is good to be content where you are if you are Delta or higher; in most cases it will be wiser to use your knowledge of the SSH to better understand your place and find fulfillment in it than use it to become something you are not.

Because, remember, if you can't be as irrationally confident and unashamedly self-promoting as dc, if you're not willing to actually do what Alphas do, you're not going to be able to reach Alpha rank. This is not a dc thing. He may not be typical, but he is the epitome of the typical Alpha. And now you should understand why Donald Trump won the presidency, not in spite of his behavior, but because of it.