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The height preference

May 3, 2014
Never apologize for whatever your requirements in women are. If a woman attempts to take issue with it, ask her if she'll go out with your five-foot tall friend. Chances are she won't, not even if he is a millionaire doctor with an Olympic medal who writes bestselling novels on the side:
 LYNN SHERR: [voice-over] We recruited other men about the same age as David (5'6", Stu 5'0" and Rob 5'3", but taller. We asked them all to dress in jeans and a sweater, then we did something cruel. We put them in lineups, five at a time, behind a two way mirror. The men couldn't see or hear what was going on in the next room. That's where we invited groups of women to look at the men and choose a date. In this case, we wanted to see if anyone would pick 5'3" Rob. When Andrea told us women like doctors, we gave him an M.D. Their choice?

2nd WOMAN: Andrew.

3rd WOMAN: I would say Matt, I think.

LYNN SHERR: [voice-over] No Rob. We piled on some more assets. We said, besides being a doctor, he was also a best selling author, and champion skier who had just built his own ski house. PGPH [interviewing] Does that effect your choices?

4th WOMAN: He's still short.

LYNN SHERR: [voice-over] Then we gave Rob a promotion. We made him chief of staff at a prestigious hospital. PGPH [interviewing] Who would you pick?

4th WOMAN: Him.

5th WOMAN: Andrew's probably the closest to who I'd pick.

6th WOMAN: I'd pick Matt.

7th WOMAN: Jeffrey, the pilot.

LYNN SHERR: [voice-over] What would it take? Now we said Rob was also a gourmet cook who loves children.

8th WOMAN: Oh, definitely I would take him in a minute, then. The height, no problem.

9th WOMAN: I wouldn't, because I don't think I'd want short, little kids.

LYNN SHERR: [voice-over] Well, at least someone liked Rob. But if it was this harsh for him at 5'3", what would it take to get a date for Stu at just 5 feet? First we made him an up and coming actor.

2nd WOMAN: No.

3rd WOMAN: No.

4rd WOMAN: Not.

LYNN SHERR: Then we said Stu had made millions by age 25.

10th WOMAN: No.

11th WOMAN: No.

12th WOMAN: Not for me.

LYNN SHERR: Nothing worked. PGPH [interviewing] How come nobody picked Stu?

13th WOMAN: He's too short.

LYNN SHERR: He's too short? PGPH [voice-over] We asked if there was anything we could add to make Stu irresistible.

14th WOMAN: Maybe the only thing you could say is that the other four are murderers.

15th WOMAN: Right, are convicted of some crime.

14th WOMAN: Child molesters.
Keep in mind these are the same women who won't hesitate to try to get on your case because you insist on a woman who isn't fat or flat. Whether you are short or not, their iron-clad preferences mean they simply don't have a leg to stand on.

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