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The truth about women in the military

February 15, 2014
From a comment at VP:
I'm an active duty physician assistant in an infantry combat brigade at one of the "big two" bases. Let me tell you the unadulterated truth firsthand. Most female soldiers are so fat that they face chapter under the Army Weight Control Program. To avoid this, they often become pregnant so they can get out on a chapter 8 and keep their benefits or no longer meet the AWCP requirements due to being pregnant. My unit is deploying. There are two female PAs in our BDE (out of 7). One came up pregnant a week prior to deployment training and the other is getting medically boarded out for a variety of nonspecific issues. It is a fucking joke. Everyone knows it but no one can speak it. God help us if someone ever invades our country. Without air superiority, our only offense will be throwing psych meds at the enemy in an attempt to blind them by hitting them in the eyes, dumping our sleep meds into their water supply, or getting them hooked on narcotic pain meds.
This came in response to the news that Britain's women warriors in Afghanistan have proven 33 times more likely to get pregnant than killed in action.

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