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They're not really laughing

November 19, 2014
Like SJWs and feminists, women often like to spin the public narrative in order to try to prevent men from learning from positive examples

This text message is being passed around, supposedly because it is so hilarious. And while it does sound a little strange to hear a man complaining about his girlfriend being rude to his cat, let's look at the complaints:
  1. She won't admit she's dating him in public. That alone is a good reason to dump her; indeed, given that, he doesn't even owe her an explanation. If they're not in a relationship, then he can (and probably should) walk away in silence.
  2. She doesn't bring him as her date to social event. That's just a different facet of the first point.
  3. Okay, that's funny. But who wants to be with someone who dislikes their pet? I wouldn't have dated anyone who didn't harbor the appropriate admiration for my viszla.
  4. If you're not a woman's priority, she's probably having sex with someone else. Also a legitimate reason.
  5. Most men dislike women swearing like a sailor. This is a perfectly good reason for dumping a woman.
  6. This is also a good reason to decline a relationship with a woman. If she won't come clean, then the appropriate assumption is that she is a slut and the probabilities of a successful long-term relationship are lower than the norm.
This guy obviously did the right thing in nexting this woman. The only mistake he made was bothering to tell her why. The next time a woman complains about a man not telling her why he's not interested in her any more, just reference the way that this man's reasons were made public and mocked.

Besides, it's a basic principle of Game to never explain your reasons to a woman. Reasons and justifications are ammunition. The more her mind is spinning and inventing various explanations for your actions, the better. The correct thing to do is to simply say, "I don't think this is working, I don't want to continue this anymore." Leave it at that. If she presses, just say, "No, I don't see any point in discussing it to death. It's done."

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