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When a Gamma reacts

February 15, 2016
Confused by Gamma reactions ranging from rage against another to public, outright cruelty?

  1. A Gamma naturally puts himself in other people’s shoes when it comes to conflict and imagines how he would feel. This is true for both reconciliation and conflict. Which is why what he thinks someone should accept as reconciliation is many times out of touch with reality, and he thinks attacks on people’s feelings are much more effective really are. 
  2. A Gamma constantly relives adolescent shame, bullying and emotional issues. He likes nothing better than to publicly shame and mock those who he is angry with (except the girl on the pedestal) to the point of losing sight of any other goal he had in mind. Imagine the awkward boy on the playground being danced around and called names, then how that boy would treat people when he is a man and you will understand how they treat others they are angry with.
  3. He is a coward and will abandon most everything to save his skin, and this fact gnaws on him internally. Being so narcissistic he is unable to imagine other people not being secret cowards so he will regularly talk of being brave and accuse others of being cowardly.
  4. All of this ends up sabotaging relationships for the Gamma including friends, family, coworkers, and even his own children. These bad relationships are not lost on the Gamma and he can feel a deep sense of disgrace about his behavior but cannot admit to being wrong so he is caught in a self-made hell.

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