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Women revel in ruin

January 28, 2014
This celebration of the shattering of a millennial-old tradition is sickening:
One of Britain's most ancient cathedrals will put an end to more than a thousand years of all-male tradition today, when a girls' choir is due to make its debut. Canterbury Cathedral has had various forms of sung worship since it was founded towards the end of the Dark Ages, back in the sixth century.

But the singers have always been male.

All that will change when the voices of 16 schoolgirls will soar towards the cathedral's vaulted ceiling on Saturday.
I wouldn't care if there was a convent with a thousand-year tradition of only permitting female singers, I would strongly support continuing that tradition instead of making it like every other American Legion hall and elementary school. But women, with their instinctive desire to ruin absolutely everything, aren't content until they have reduced everything that is uniquely male to the lowest common sexual denominator.

Traditions are valuable and worthy of respect in their own right. Hence the term "time-honored" traditions. But the Female Imperative honors nothing except itself and knows no respect for anything, least of all tradition. That's why it must be ruthlessly stamped out by anyone attempting to build anything capable of lasting.

What is the good that was accomplished by ruining the male-only tradition of Canterbury Cathedral? Did it send a Very Important Message that girls are capable of singing? They may as well have held a Britney Spears concert there and closed up shop. It wasn't "another sign of change in an institution", it was a sign of the collapse of an institution.

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