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Avoiding Entanglements, Composure and Natural Command

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021

This happens to be one of the fundamental concerns of wisdom and good judgement. The most brilliant and apt know how to remain distant from utmost complexity. There is a clear distinction between one degree and another, and the prudent men, with their good sense, are always found in the middle of both. They devote their time in execution, for they know that it is less work to evade a menacing circumstance than to come out of one safe and sound. Judgement, especially our own, is always enticed to get caught in an entanglement. Knowing this, absconding this allure is more reliable than conquering it. One complication causes another, and soon enough you find yourself on the border of a fiasco. This happens time and again when you are leading interaction with a woman, and as if spontaneously, the woman implies a fitness-test, and you are all flustered. The typical man gives in and before he knows it, he finds himself in a downward spiral.

The typical man is threatened to evoke his innate authority in the presence of women because he still pedestalizes them, he merely does it in his head and it overshadows his bodily instinct.

The Red Pill is a form of prudence, and composure is rather synonymous with state control, or frame. To avoid an entanglement is to retain composure. There are certain people, annoying by disposition, who are hasty to get entangled, we call these people betas or simps. For whoever strides in the light of reason is perpetually vigilant of difficulty. However, there is always that one tinkering fool, who will out-beta all the others.

Here is a little golden nugget; the central aim of good perception: do not lose your cool.

This is evidence of real integrity and character. This is what the Red Pill would call the Alpha Male. For it is very hard to perturb with a touch of generosity and beneficence. Towering rage is merely a comical aspect of the mind, and any disparity of it unsettles good perception. And, if this momentary sensation causes you to utter any foolishness, it will jeopardise your good name. You want to become so grounded and controlled that, whether you make a mess or a banquet, nobody can lay the blame on you of being unsettled, and everyone can applaud you for your dominance.

Frame is a form of self-love and respect. When you’re solitary, don’t be too careless with yourself. Let your honesty be the gauge of your righteousness.

This means, furthermore, that your precedence is your own opinion and not external conventions. When you find yourself doing something unacceptable, put an end to it, not through some frowning external senior, but through the terror of your own good wisdom. This is much like being your own mental point of origin, as the Manosphere like to remark. This form of enlightened self-interest is a precursor to having other men and women respect you. This is how you pass the shit-test, and moreover, how you evoke a naturally commanding presence. Natural command starts with yourself, it is superiority’s cryptic gift. It should ensue from an inborn and instinctive authority, and not from maddening trickery and cunning. You can occasionally observe it around you, everyone yields to it without understanding why. Acknowledging the mysterious allure of deep-rooted authority. Such people are aristocratic monarchs by their excellence, they are warriors by natural honour. These could be labelled the evolutionary alpha males. They captivate hearts and minds through the respect they command. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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